Bad Xmas Rebirth

Maybe the “What Do You Really Want for Xxxmas?” show is taking over for the defunct Bad Xmas Pageant. Or maybe its entirely new territory. We suspect the latter, especially after rapping with Shadow Smut Show Troupe member Miss Alia, who’s performing something called Coming to Band Practice during the anti-holiday shindig.

She says, “Viewers can expect to be downright amused at the ribald humor and a little startled that such a nice girl as myself wrote so candidly about a gang-bang fantasy.”

Though some folks aren’t exactly keen on the local writer’s diary entry turned zine turned theatrical performance, there’s a deeper meaning to the tale, according to Alia. “I like to think of my nasty story as a satire on the fact that the patriarchy encourages men to go out and become musicians in the first place and, although it is slowly changing, women become groupies and supporters of bands, for the most part, instead of playing.”

The debauchery also features sets by Skinwalkers, Ray Reeves, Treasure Mammal, Scorpion vs. Tarantula, and Tommy Cannon.

Wed., Dec. 16, 8 p.m., 2009