Death and Texas

Depository. Single-bullet theory. Grassy knoll. Pink suit.

On Saturday, November 21, Backward Theatre iconicizes the events surrounding a certain sunny, autumn day in Texas over four decades ago with its self-described “strange” and “experimental” The 46th Annual Dallas Welcomes JFK Luncheon. Since we weren’t born yet, we watched the Zapruder film at least 20 times, Jackie lunging across the trunk of the midnight-blue Lincoln Continental, ostensibly to retrieve her husband’s brains. The reel plays in a sorrowful loop in our head, alongside the Jack Ruby two-step.

All we can say is that this performance-art bullshit better not disappoint. We need cheering up!

Participating artist Jeff Falk tells New Times to expect “a couple of personal anecdotes from those of us who were around, and incredibly young, when it happened. And a folk song or two. And, as always, the unexpected.” Other performers include Marcelino Quinonez, Chris Danowski, Annie Lopez, Michelle Bledsoe, Richard Bledsoe, Bill Campana, and The Klute.

Sat., Nov. 21, 8 p.m., 2009