Ghostface Killah

It’s pretty much always good news when any of the Wu-Tang Clan decides to show up in town, so Ghostface Killah’s upcom¬ing appearance is probably worth checking out, if only out of prurient interest. He just dropped his latest album, Ghostdini: The Wiz¬ard of Poetry in Emerald City, which for the last year was being hyped as an R&B album. Technically, it’s an accurate description, but if people thought it meant they were going to see the softer side of Tony Starks, they are sadly mistaken. Instead, the Iron Man takes the laser-like focus on drug life that he perfected on Fishscale and shines a light on his sexual prowess with equally graphic ac¬counts. “Stapleton Sex,” for instance, features the following exchange between him and an as-yet-unidentified woman: “I’m ready to cum / You ready to cum? / Yeah, keep it right there / Oh, my gosh, my pussy is numb.” By comparison Biggie’s “Fuck Me” is almost fit for Sesame Street. The rest of the material is relatively solid R&B, but the hardcore au¬dioporn can’t help but leave you wondering whether you’re listening to the sound of an artist jumping the shark.
Wed., Oct. 14, 8:30 p.m., 2009