International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival: Embodiment of Evil (Encamacao do Demonio)

For a small but dedicated cult of fanatics, the real highlight of this year's fest will be Embodiment of Evil (Encarnacao do Demonio), the latest shocker from ’60s-era Brazilian-horror icon Jose Mojica Marins, a.k.a. Ze do Caixao, a.k.a. Coffin Joe. If you’re a horror connoisseur and have never sampled this one-of-a-kind Nietzschean boogeyman -- a maniacal undertaker who, in his signature top hat and long fingernails, wreaks a trail of defiant blasphemy, torture, and murder as he searches for a suitably superior woman to bear him a son -- you’re missing out. This 2008 yarn is the much-belated third film in a trilogy. Joe, now in his 70s, is released from an asylum and jumps right back into his sanguinary, Sadean old tricks, which make the Saw movies look like middle-class frat parties. Don’t believe it? Well, at one point (spoiler!), a woman shows her devotion to Joe by eating a slice of her own butt. Okay?
Fri., Oct. 16, 9:45 p.m.; Sun., Oct. 18, 1:30 p.m., 2009