Public Spirits

Get schnockered in a good cause While active types relish the thought of running 15K for breast-cancer research or taking a fundraising trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, those of us who got the lazy-couch-potato genes are wondering why we can't just get totally plastered for charity. Our prayers will be answered at the SWAY Events-sponsored AIDS Walk A-Go-Go event on Saturday, September 19, at various Valley bars, including Karamba, Ice Pics, Kobalt, Homme Lounge, Z Girl Club, and Forbidden Nightclub. Participating clubs will donate a portion of the night's proceeds to AIDS Walk 2009 and Aunt Rita’s Foundation, so when your hangover buddies ask what possessed you to down five martinis and a dozen Jell-O shots, you can tell them it was for a good cause.

Cover varies by venue.

Sat., Sept. 19, 2009