Media Male

If you think right-wing religious nuts went crazy when Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code came out, just wait ’til they hear that businessman Lon Safko rewrote the Bible. The Social Media Bible, that is. He even blogged his own Ten Commandments, which begins with the obvious “Thou Shalt Blog” and also mentions podcasting, uploading photos, and creating profiles on networking sites.

Seriously, forget being humble, not cheating on your spouse, and that whole “Thou Shalt Not Kill” thing. ’Cause it’s, like, way more important to update your Twitter feed, right?

Safko’s Bible, which he co-authored with publishing guru David Brake, is a compilation of interviews and research that the pair conducted with social media experts from around the globe. Why should we listen to Safko? He created the “First Computer to Save a Human Life,” which is now on display at the Smithsonian. He founded eight successful businesses. Oh, and he lives in Arizona. Clearly, he’s a genius.

Safko signs the lumbering 840-page tome while discussing how to effectively use social networking tools at the Dana Park Barnes & Noble.

Fri., Aug. 14, 6 p.m., 2009