Mercury Rising

We get a lot of funny looks when we tell people about our tendency to sit on the toilet backwards. What we’ve noticed, however, is that those funny looks tend to evaporate when people bother to actually try doing their business “Slater-style,” à la Saved by the Bell.

We get some funny looks when we talk about the Phoenix Mercury, too, but we aren’t quite sure why -- the team is playing great, and we love any local squad that wins. (We can only assume people haven’t gotten around to watching the Mercury this season.) And it doesn’t get much better than tonight’s game. The tilt pits the 2007 WNBA champion Mercury against the 2008 Western Conference-winning San Antonio Silver Stars, and will feature, health permitting, a full third of the 2009 Western Conference All-Stars.

Thu., Aug. 13, 7 p.m., 2009