Hot Feet

Just in case you’re wondering, the third annual AZ Salsa Festival is not about the stuff you eat. It’s a celebration of Latin dance featuring hot DJ sets and electrifying performances by international superstars.

To quell the potential confusion, the patient, good-natured event organizers at provided the following answers to our queries:

1. What kind of tortilla chips should people bring? [Please, no chips.]

2. Will headliner Tito Rojas share his secret pico de gallo recipe? [The cooking skills of legendary and prolific Puerto Rican singer/bandleader Rojas are irrelevant to this event, at which he and his band will perform salsa music.]

3. For the “Learn How to Salsa” workshops at the beginning of the evening, are rubber gloves recommended? Maybe mask and snorkel? [No. You’ll be learning to dance, not to chop onions, peppers, etc.]

Honestly, just mention tickets, which cost $25 in advance, and you’ll be on the fast track to being so hot right now. Like salsa.

Sat., June 13, 7 p.m., 2009