Carnival Crews

You know that eye-searing experience you have whenever you see a voluptuous chick try to pack her, um, assets into a size-2 top? Yeah, that’s exactly what you can expect at the upcoming Paisley Town Block Party at Paisley Violin. No, we’re not literally talking about hotties in tight clothes, although there may be a few at the evening’s fashion show of yoga outfits and vintage apparel. In celebration of the newly opened Paisley Town -- a collection of former WWII bunkers-turned-boutiques in the café’s backyard – the joint will cram all manner of carnival fun onto its small property, from food stands to a photo booth to an authentic English double-decker bus. The event’s lineup also includes local bands The Market and Thankful Birds, glassblowing demos, belly dancers, and The Strange Family Circus. We’re hoping the latter brings a clown car, as otherwise we’re not quite sure how all the performers and patrons will fit.
Sat., June 13, 10-midnight; Sun., June 14, 12-6 p.m., 2009