Afterlife, After-hours

The late Scottsdale dance palace e4 (which closed last December) has been transformed into the appropriately-named Afterlife. Opening this Friday, it's designed as a late-night hangout running from midnight until 4 a.m. where people can decompress and sober up on the weekend after club-hopping around Old Town.

Much like it's predecessor. Afterlife consists of four separate "themed" areas, each offering its own vibe and activities. The former Earth Room will now be something akin to a funky coffeehouse that's stocked with espressos, energy drinks, and "hangover remedies." Local solo musicians and guitarists will also perform.

Patrons can also visit the second-floor "Rock Room" to shoot pool and attempt to play some air hockey while coming down from their night-long Jäger bender, or even just chill out on the patio/smokers lounge while playing blackjack and other casino games. And if you wanna bump your humps, DJs and turntablists will be spinning up audio orgies of high-energy tracks both upstairs and downstairs in the Aqua Room (which will also have an oxygen bar).

While there's no alcohol involved -- as proprietor Aron Mezo doesn't have a liquor license -- plenty of delicious eats are planned. The lack of booze also means that Afterlife will also be an all-ages joint.

Mezo, who owns the property and helped launch e4 back in the day, told me he's also partnering with local cab companies and ride home services like Zingo to help everyone get home safe.

"There are far too many DUIs happening these days," he says. "So this is a place that we're filling with late-night fun, food and recovery. It's like a more mature Dave & Busters."

Sat., April 4, midnight; Sun., April 5, midnight, 2009