Body of Work

Artist Frida Kahlo had serious body issues. No, we don’t mean the Sasquatch eyebrows and pencil ’stache -- though if her self-portraits are any indication, Frida definitely could’ve used some Nair. We’re talking deformed legs, a crooked spine, and dozens of broken bones from a bus accident. Ouch.

Frida’s grandniece, Mexican photographer Cristina Kahlo, puts her own personal body obsessions on display in the new “Mar de lo invisible (Sea of the Unseen)” exhibit. “This series comes from a curiosity and desire to use x-ray images because they are, after all, photographs of the interior of the human body,” says Kahlo. The artist combines modern digital photography with x-rays, producing unexpected imagery that’s a subtle nod to the human body’s watery makeup. Angelfish swimming through shoulder joints. A red betta in a pelvis. The latter’s kinda freaky, but, hey, at least Cristina didn’t use crabs.

Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: April 1. Continues through April 30, 2009