Move It

Think about it. Every culture throughout history has danced. The ancient Mayans used ritual dance to create sacred space, the tombs of ancient Egyptians depict wall etchings and paintings of half-naked women seriously getting down, and today, there’s nothing like getting a little sauced and shuffling around the dance floor at your cousin’s wedding.

See a celebration of movement at the Arizona Dance Festival 2010 on Friday, October 8. Hosted by Desert Dance Theatre, the two-evening event will showcase different line-ups of professional dance artists ranging from local and national to emerging and established acts.

Chaos Theory Dance, Dulce Dance Company, Arathi School of India Dances, Astarte Belly Dance Company, Beauvais Ballet, and Step’s Junk Funk are just a few of the companies performing.

Oct. 7-9, 7:30 p.m., 2010