Cardinals Sin

There’s not much reason to think the Arizona Cardinals will win today’s game against the New Orleans Saints. When the teams met in last year’s divisional playoffs, the Saints knocked the Cards out of the postseason with a 45-14 drubbing. Since then, practically all the Redbirds have done is replace a future Hall of Fame quarterback with a career 52-percent passer and a couple of rookies.

Of course, in the NFL, you never really know what you’re in for until the games are played. In spite of their roster losses, the Cardinals have gotten off to a better start this season than they did last year. Meanwhile, the Saints – who retained every key member of their Super Bowl team – bear little resemblance to the team that dominated the league last season.

In other words, we know that the teams will take the field at University of Phoenix Stadium. Past that, it’s anyone’s guess.

Sun., Oct. 10, 1:05 p.m., 2010