Bad Bad Religion

UCLA evolution professor Greg Graffin has plenty to say without his famous band Bad Religion backing him. He’s published a book called Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a World Without God, where he’s mixed his mosh-pit rules into science and atheism.

Graffin will sign copies of his latest book and Bad Religion’s 2010 LP release, The Dissent of Man. Believing in time, space, energy, and matter, Graffin, in his tome, sources esteemed scientists, biologists, and historical figures that believe that we’re responsible for our actions. If anything, Graffin’s book conveys that we’re human beings with choices to rock out, read cool books, work, and live alone or fall in love and procreate, especially when he declares, “We were not placed on this earth for some divine purpose that only communion with the spirit world can reveal.”

Tue., Nov. 9, noon, 2010