Strolling Thunder

The Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts is so pedestrian. That’s not a diss; that’s just a fact that we love.

Downtown Phoenix’s signature parading art fair encourages people of all ages to stroll along, whether in costume or not. Dr. Reverend Stephen Strange and Sahar Afi Mitchell of the Strange Family Circus have organized the chaos to include stilt walkers, art bikes, freak flags flying, and anything that participants bring to parade with. The Bad Cactus Brass Band will lead the procession with its joyous New Orleans-inspired jazz and funk. Tucson’s Flam Chen brings fire-spinning mastery to wow us while downtown’s Bruce Lee of the turntables, Djentrification, stirs up some sonic stew worthy of bringing home a rollicking block party.

Sat., Nov. 13, 5-10 p.m., 2010