Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, November 25, 2010


Editor's note: A throng of readers reacted to our "Hot Mess at the DPS" cover story (Ray Stern, November 11). All the comments were anonymous. Here's a sample:

Jer-ry, Jer-ry!: I can't wait to see [Arizona Department of Public Safety] Director Bobby Halliday and his fucked-up family on Jerry Springer.

Thanks for nothing, Jan: What an embarrassment to the DPS and Arizona law enforcement. How did Geoff Jacobs ever get hired? How did Bobby Halliday ever get hired as DPS director?

It's time for Governor Jan Brewer to terminate Halliday's contract. Halliday's testimony before the state Senate was false. The governor knew about Halliday's problems and still appointed him. She has put the state at serious risk.

Demand a Halliday probe: Write letters to the governor demanding an investigation of Robert Halliday's involvement in this case — as well as his conduct on the Payson golf course and the contradictions in his testimony before the state Senate.

Arizona and the DPS can't have a hothead and a liar heading the state police. Halliday should willingly submit to an investigation that includes a polygraph.

More suitable name for DPS?: It's good to know what kind of trash you're dealing with the next time you're pulled over by some prick from the Department of Penis Size.

A story born for porn: So we've got a cop with bad judgment — and an apparently huge schlong — getting busy with various women who sound like they thought they wanted his huge schlong but then found out it was too much for them.

Then, you have Officer "Dee," who steps away from a five-year coworker/friend because his behavior has gotten too sleazy, and she now feels she has to tell her superiors all the bad things she has seen.

Then, you have the apparently entitled princess, who is the apple of a rank-climbing cop's eye. Once the top cop hears how huge-schlong guy has given it to his little princess, he goes on the warpath.

Wow! Hope some porn producer is reading this article . . .

Yup, stranger than fiction: I want to make sure I get this straight:

1) DPS Director Robert Halliday admits to a physical altercation with a subject and gives his statements to the Payson Police Department. However, later, during his confirmation hearings, he claims it wasn't physical, that the man just walked into his hands. Either way, a lie to Payson officers or a lie to the Senate under oath is a major problem [since Halliday is] at the helm of the DPS.

2) His daughter, Ami, waits until after the breakup with Geoff Jacobs to tell anyone about the alleged assault — even though during and after the alleged incidents, she continued to send pictures and e-mails to the guy she claims did these things.

3) Robert Halliday is upset because of the alleged assault of his daughter, but he doesn't call the Glendale PD [which had jurisdiction]. Instead, he contacts a DPS internal affairs lieutenant to make the complaint.

4) The DPS is so concerned about the sex life of its employees that it takes hundreds of man-hours to investigate whether someone is "rough" in bed. Since when did what happens in the bedroom become any of the DPS' business?

5) If the Glendale PD found nothing on Jacobs' computers to substantiate any of the claims Ami Halliday made (well, besides that the guy, gasp, had porn on his computer), why did the DPS — which was conducting an administrative investigation — have any [license] to a search [Jacobs'] computers?

6) The DPS used the Anti-Terrorism Center to investigate whether an officer had naked pictures on his computer. Really?

7) The Glendale PD said there was no crime, so why did it release computer hard drives to the DPS?

These are just some of the many things that stood out in this article.

Daddy's a cop? Look out: Cops suck, but so do stupid bitches. And the worst thing in the world is a bitch with a father who's a cop.