Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, December 9, 2010


Lazy cop, bad judgment: This is an awesome story — simply fantastic writing ("Whitewash," Paul Rubin, November 25). You start off giving [Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll] some new credit. And, then, the officer is foiled by himself.

No reporter laying a trap, just the officer admitting that he is bad cop and a great storyteller.

Three times, his story goes, drug lords approached him at a diner, but he neither arrested them nor filed a report. Imagine how much intelligence could have been gained if after the second approach, the department had prepped him to arrest upon the next encounter. Even if we assume his story is true, the deputy is revealed as a lazy cop with bad judgment.

Then, we have his malfeasance in not arresting a man offering to murder [Paul Rubin]. Again, no arrests, no reports. Imagine if the hit had occurred. Would he have stepped forward then? Again, if we accept the story as true, the deputy is revealed as a lazy cop with bad judgment.

Finally, he brags about his ability to tell stories — I love his [apparently] false claim to having shot someone before, despite all his agency records demonstrating he had not.
Tim Martin, city unavailable

Editor's note: Deputy Puroll was suspended with pay by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu after Rubin's article, pending an investigation into the alleged meetings with drug smugglers and death threat against Rubin, none of which the deputy reported to the PCSO.

The next John Wayne: I think Louie Puroll smokes too much desert weed, has watched Men Who Stare at Goats one time too many, and eventually will convince himself — and that sweet little waitress at the truck stop — that he is, in fact, John Wayne.

The bottom line is, Arizona's sheriff's departments are all a bit wacky and too Hollywood for real police work anymore. They all took a lesson from [Maricopa County Sheriff] Joe Arpaio and are busy getting makeovers.

Dennis Gillman, Scottsdale

Let's not go overboard, Larry: I think Paul Rubin and that liberal rag New Times will do or say anything that demeans law enforcement. About the only thing the New Times is fit for is giving your pup a place to pee.
Larry Berglof, Phoenix

Consider the source: I've been reading [Paul Rubin's] stories for years in the liberal New Times. He's the go-to guy for cops. They trust him and have told their stories to him for a long time. He gets ragged on for being a cop lover.

How about if [Puroll supporters] out there read the effing story for what it is and don't shoot the messenger? Pun intended.
Ralph Silva, city unavailable.

Yeah, who are these apologists?: Puroll apologists are pitiful. You're probably lying, racist cops yourselves.

Doubt you got to the end of the story, but Louie Puroll actually threatened that one of [his] friends wanted to kill reporter Rubin.

What kind of ethical policeman does something like that? Puroll didn't even report this to his bosses. He was obviously trying to intimidate Rubin. Didn't work.
Al Awbry, Phoenix

Sad stuff, Puroll: If Puroll were marketed at a department store, he would be featured in the appliance section as a "Spinmaster Deluxe."

If that guy could spin his stories any better, he could get an immediate lateral transfer as a chief deputy for the MCSO. I hear the current MCSO chief deputy [David Hendershott] isn't working these days ("Indictment Time," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, September 23).

Good article. I have reached the point where I don't believe a damn thing [Puroll] says. I have worked with, and investigated, too many just like him in days past [as a police officer].

One untruth after another after another — just to keep trying to cover the last untruth.

Sad stuff, Puroll. Maybe it's time [for you] to round up the flaccid fool [Joe Arpaio] and take a retirement trip. I hear Honduras has some special entertainment for county cops ("Best Example of Local Corruption," September 25, 2008). Sheesh.
Tommy Collins, Phoenix

Bullshit artists = liars: We have a name for bullshit artists like Louie Puroll out here on Arizona ranches — liar! It fits the arrogant asshole like a glove.
Teo Bueno, Tucson

That's a good one: New Times promotes hate and fear and then turns it around on those who are trying to protect us.
Name withheld

The Nash thing was satire, you idiot: [That Louie Puroll] is lying, is corrupt, is covering things up is all from information supplied by a weekly news magazine that also swore Steve Nash was leaving the Suns ("Setting Sun," Barry Friedman, November 4).

There are some suspicious actions/activity in this case, I admit, but as far as stone-cold facts that something illegal occurred, there ain't none.
Name withheld

Simply a good yarn: I don't give a shit about Louie Puroll or New Times or Paul Rubin or Paul Babeu. I like reading a good story when I have time. This was a fucking great story!
Name withheld

Not exactly a needle in a haystack: Screwy Louie also said it was tough to find shell casings in the desert. What a bunch of crap?

A brass casing — in the sun, on flat, baked desert sand, with no vegetation or leaf litter to conceal it — is easy to find. It's probably the easiest place to spot a casing.
Name withheld

Or just the dumbest sheriff's office: I still don't understand why Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu — if he has any ethics at all — hasn't fired Puroll for not reporting that alleged death threat against Paul Rubin. And for not reporting that he was meeting with drug lords routinely at the Iron Skillet.

The PCSO might overtake the MCSO as Arizona's most corrupt sheriff's office.
Name withheld