Leap Year

What better way to say "Sayonara" to 2010 than with the proper alternative head nod it deserves? Here to give us a reason to smile at the good, and laugh at the bad and ugly of the year in Phoenix culture is none other than our locally famed pals at Trunk Space, who present their late-night, talk show-esque comedy routine Grand Avenue Live.

The seasonal satire of “Our Year in Review” includes LOL host Ernesto Moncada (aka “Ernasty”) along with a smorgasbord of live performances by local art-scene favorites like comedian Ashley Pirouznia and poet Jack Evans. Making sure laughter isn’t the only sound being heard from outside the door of this downtown Phoenix arts staple, there will also be music by Djentrification and ambient psychedelic jam band Of the Earth.

Tue., Dec. 21, 8 p.m., 2010