Things are going to get heavy when hardcore band Ruckus comes to town. The group cites "the pain and sufferings of everyday life" as influences, and they're bringing their baggage with them from California, with sullenly titled tracks such as "Apocalypse Never," "Gallows," and "Fools Die." Yup, that's just what you need to get you into the holiday spirit! Besides deep and dark lyrics, expect machine-gun riffs, crisp guitars, a punishing core, and breakdowns galore, says Nile Theater co-owner and Mantooth Group promoter Erin Peters. She booked an especially intense lineup, with fellow Cali hardcore band Minus, hard rock/metal band Twitching Tongues, and some local hardcore from Bad Vibe and Territory. There is no doubt there will plenty of tuneage perfect for bumping into strangers to. "People can expect moshing, singing along, and a fun show for a good price — only $5!" Peters says. If that means pushing the guy next to you into you and starting a circle running frenzy, so be it.

Mon., Dec. 20, 7 p.m., 2010