Humbug is Here

Just as one eventually must set aside one’s belief in Santa Claus, it’s now time for another holiday tradition to be laid to rest. Farewell, then, to Actors Theatre’s A Christmas Carol. You’ve resided on our Christmas list, just above figgy pudding and immediately beneath sleigh bells in the snow, for nearly 20 years. You’ve brought us upwards of 400 performances, uncountable rewrites and, on one especially memorable night, the delightful sight of Michelle Gardener’s wig flying off as she hit an especially high note in the opening number. The holidays won’t be the same without you, we fear. But look for us at your farewell performance on Christmas Eve; we’ll be the one dressed in chains and a tree skirt, looking hopeful that you’ll return to us one day.

Fri., Dec. 24, 1 p.m., 2010