Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, January 13, 2010


Classic AZ double-standard: At first blush, I thought that your story on Russell Pearce's son's problems was dirty pool. But after considering the ending of your piece — where you note that he has condemned children of illegal aliens because of the transgressions of their parents — I think you only dished to Pearce what he dishes to others ("Pearce's Son," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, January 6).

It seems to be true of a lot of politicians around here — Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, state Senate President Pearce — that the rule of law applies to everybody except them. As soon as they or theirs get nailed, they start talking about how their detractors are all part of a political conspiracy.
Robert Warren, Phoenix

Epitome of yellow journalism: Using the son to get to the father is the epitome of yellow journalism. No charges were filed, no evidence of undue influence, yet New Times can't resist using the allegation against the son to taint the father.

I don't like Pearce, but given the complete lack of professionalism displayed by New Times I can no longer trust it to report honestly on either his activities or his policies.
Kit Carson, Phoenix

Pearce's guilty by association: Pearce deserves [criticism] for the reasons stated. He has no trouble with guilt by association when it comes to others — as Lemons points out.
Tom Tornado, Phoenix

Is Russ a wake-and-baker, too?: You wrote: "Pearce's eyes were bloodshot, and his speech was slurred."

Have you heard [Joshua Pearce's] dad try to string together a coherent sentence? Wake and bake!
Chad Snow, Peoria

Does anyone think he's a deep thinker?: I don't think of [Russell] Pearce as a deep thinker.

From what I can tell, he [has] a decent memory and spews forth mush that has been fed to him, and he spins and twists that mush to fit his needs of the moment.

That said, it appears any thoughts he might have indicate a very shallow mind.

Spew on, Mr. Senate President. The longer you spew, the more people will run away to keep from being sprayed by your spittle.
Tommy Collins, Phoenix

A dangerous redneck/Mormon: Some say there is nothing more dangerous than a man with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other. Russell Pearce is the classic AZ redneck/Mormon. The only words that come to my mind are: Ay dios mio!
Charlie Oscar, city unavailable

GOP's "family values" are laughable, aren't they?: The crazies of Arizona have taken control and put people in office people who cannot even raise a good family. We have a governor who has her own family failures and now [Russell Pearce].

If the Republican Party wants to take us back to "family values," it should look at whom they select as their leaders.
Name withheld

Pearce destroyed? If only . . . : Pearce has zero tolerance for others. Now it's his turn to be treated the same.

Parents get destroyed when their children get thrown into the criminal-justice system in Arizona, with its draconian mandatory-minimum sentencing — that Pearce doesn't want to address or reform — so it's only fitting that his son is subjected to the draconian laws.
Name withheld


Problem may never be corrected: First, enforce the laws that are on the books. No entry into the United States without legal status. Arrest company presidents that hire illegal immigrants. Stop services to illegal immigrants except in life-and-death cases ("Return to Sender," Jim Schutze, December 23).

The argument that this is a country of immigrants is stretched beyond reason.

All the early immigrants who came to this country learned the language and wanted to be part of this country.

If we really want to cure our illegal-immigrant problem, we must police our borders and put large sums of money [into pressuring] Mexico to give its citizens reasons to stay home.
Ann Berry, Dallas