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Ska Parade Tour @ The Clubhouse Music Venue

If you adore ska's third wave, then you should give thanks to Tazy Philips. It was the Southern California disc jockey and his influential radio show, The Ska Parade, that helped the launch the careers of some of the biggest tastemakers from the genre's massive mid-'90s revival. He was the first to air No Doubt's "Just a Girl," the song that helped sell a kabillion copies of the band's Tragic Kingdom disc. Ditto for the music of Sublime and Reel Big Fish, who went from working the ska circuit to getting their videos in heavy rotation on MTV after Philips broadcast their music. The show's still going strong after two decades and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year by touring the country with a host of ska practitioners. A quartet of Golden State bands headline the tour: San Francisco's Monkey, Chase Long Beach, The Skank Agents, and Huntington Beach act Gogo13 (whom you might remember from their appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba!). Flagstaff's Warsaw Poland Brothers, also a product of third-wave ska, will also perform.