Feces Pieces

The Thomas Crapper Day Scat Hike might be one of those rare outdoor events in which participants won’t mind if the weather takes a, uh, dump on them.

Although Crapper (who is often erroneously credited with inventing the modern crapper) didn’t devise the toilet, he did help to develop the ballcock – a vital component of the toilet – and his name can still be spotted on the manholes of London today. Doo-doo dilettantes also argue that the colorful verb that seems to be derived from Crapper’s moniker is, in fact, not, and that the similarity is pure coincidence. It’s no fluke, however, that the hike, which honors a man whose legacy festers fecal innuendo, focuses on tracking Arizona’s indigenous desert dwellers by ruminating over their turds.

Sat., Jan. 29, 10 a.m., 2011