Curious George

George Lopez is a full-blown celebridad. He recently announced and declined a run at Los Angeles mayorship, all within a matter of hours. His marriage of 17 years has ended and recent photos surfaced of him squiring a young lady. He hates Erik Estrada, Carlos Mencia, and Jay Leno, and he does it all with a light foot, winning smile, and handsomely craggy face.

Lopez the comedian (and not his alter-ego as supplicating late-night host of Lopez Tonight) will pace the footlights of Comerica Theatre (formerly Dodge Theatre) and unload his pain and pleasure with twitchy, wide-eyed commentary. Growing up in Los Angeles, Lopez suffered through poverty and his grandmother’s slaphappy tutelage. He honed his stand-up act wherever he could until the audience howled at his familial impressions and anecdotes of growing up Mexican-American.

Sat., Jan. 29, 8 p.m., 2011