Sunny Days

Every time Tempe artist and Bike Saviours co-founder Allison Karow has a new project or exhibition, we know that we’re in for a treat. That’s why we art-stalk her website ( for the sneak peeks.

That’s also why we know that her latest “The Shape of the Universe” exhibit. Currently donning the name Sunny Sealeopard, Karow’s work is DIY to the core. Her sketches and paintings often get compiled in handmade ‘zine-style art books while her work in fibers and three-dimensional forms (including reclaimed plush toys) have the warmth of human touch behind them. Her latest works include colorful sketches of noodly letterforms that subtly reflect Karow’s background in biology.

Jan. 22-Feb. 3; Feb. 5-14, 2011