Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, February 3, 2011


Tucson will rise above: Great story on Tucson! Personally, I think [the city] will rise above this tragedy because it has a lot going on that's positive ("Branded," Amy Silverman, January 27).

But, as you write, it will be known for the tragedy for a while. I would argue that Oklahoma City has gotten past the federal courthouse bombing now because it's a bigger city. Tucson, also, is a big enough city to get past this. It's not a little place like [the] Columbine [school district].

Let's fact it: Even though you think of Phoenix as a more hateful place, this could've happened anywhere with lax gun laws. Which is pretty much anywhere in the United States outside of New York. Because there are mentally ill, paranoid people, who think the world is out to get them, everywhere.

The Jared Lee Loughner incident was Tucson's time in the barrel. It's not likely to happen again there.
Jack Stein, Tempe

True embodiment of a homer: New Times is so full of shit that it ain't funny!

There's no way Tucson won't outlive this tragedy. Our city has too much going for itself to become known for this. The other places you mention weren't beautiful, desirable places to live.
Ed O'Conner, Tucson

Still came away loving it: Amy Silverman's story was fair and balanced. She noted the good and the bad about Tucson but came away still loving it.

That speaks volumes and is about the best you can say for any town in the troubled times in which we live.
Taylor DeMint, Tucson

An indigenous grace in Tucson: I appreciate your in-depth research and accurate compilations of my hometown, where I will always reside.

We will always be 100 years behind the times — yes, we still open doors for women and attach sir and ma'am in acknowledging each other. We may be old souls, but it is an indigenous grace seemingly forgotten across our country.
Jimmy Clark, Tucson

City's a worthless shit-hole then and now: Tucson was a worthless, dusty, desert shit-hole in 1970 and still is in 2011.

It's a doomed town with evil vibes. You come there with money and great hopes, and the shit-hole drains all that out of you within a few months.

Next thing you know, you're homeless on the mean streets of Fourth Avenue asking for spare change in front of that hippie food co-op. That is, if you don't get killed by a big, drunk Indian on the mean streets of Toostoned.

This shooting by Jared the gunman, a.k.a. Pussy Boy, makes all of Arizona look bad — not just Tucson. Arizona already has a reputation for rough-and-tumble, violent, gun-toting, free-spirited rednecks and bikers.
Name withheld

Don't discount notion that Loughner was politically motivated: We have yet to fully find out what Jared Loughner's motivations were. Why do you state so emphatically that he wasn't associated with a political or advocacy view?

It doesn't matter whether he has "ties" to an organization. He has espoused many beliefs associated with ultra-right-wing militia types, specifically the writings of conspiracy theorist David Wynn Miller.

Loughner was anti-abortion, did not feel women should be in seats of power, believed in numerous conspiracy theories, and espoused views such as: The U.S. government was responsible for the September 11 attacks; there will be a 2012 apocalypse; NASA faked space flights; and the government was using mind control to brainwash people by controlling grammar. He was a member of the conspiracy-theory message board Above Top Secret, though members of the site did not respond warmly to his posts.

Reports appearing after the shooting noted similarities between the statements made by Loughner concerning grammar and mind control and the views of David Miller. He definitely was influenced by ultra-right-wing opinions.
Name withheld

Loughner more like rest of state: The anti-government lunacy that is such a strong part of Jared Loughner's makeup is not a strong part of Tucson's character.

However, it is a big chunk of the character of much of the rest of the state.

Don't believe me? Check out some of the recent developments at the Arizona Legislature.
Name withheld

Another vote for "worthless": I've lived in Tucson most of my life. It's a good city to visit for its scenery and is an okay place to retire for the winter if you have money. But other than that, it's pretty worthless.

I moved away for that reason. The only reason I lived there as long as I did was because my family is there, though — one by one — they're packing their bags and leaving.
Name withheld

Thanks for the vote of confidence: New Times, your stories come out of your so-called newsroom like crap comes out of an ass. Tucson has survived throughout history. I doubt you will make it another two or three decades.
Name withheld

Tucson will never be the same: Tucson's so wonderful that it won't become Columbined or Oklahoma Citied. Sure, keep smoking that good ganja you hippies like to inhale down in your (formerly) precious little burg.

The New Times story spends a lot more time kissing Tucson's ass than I would like — because there's just not a whole lot to [the] town — but the point is made throughout [the story] that its image will never, ever be the same.

And that, my dears, is the real deal. [Tucsonans] are Tucsoned now! May as well get used to it.
Name withheld