From the Underground Up

Mesa is an ok place to hang out, we guess?

Who are we kidding? The place kind of totally blows, but not completely, especially with spots like Pizza Mart, Hambone, and Mesa Arts Center as well as The Underground. Housed in the former spot of the famed Nile Basement, which shuttered operations in 2002, the newer music venue will officially have some longevity on Friday, February 4, when The Underground’s One-Year Anniversary Party goes off at its digs. Since last year, the spot that’s heavy on hardcore, punk, and metal acts has been making Mesa cooler one local, national, and international band at a time. During its celebratory shindig, The Technicolors, Hooves, Radio Drive By, Mike Goodrick, Out of Reverie, The Riveras, and more will perform.

Fri., Feb. 4, 6:30 p.m., 2011