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Plain White T's @ Marquee Theatre

Plain White T's have come a long way since their first studio album was released 11 years ago. Ten albums further, to start with. The T's — whom, yes, you know from That Song, which I'll remind you about in a few lines — are currently touring in support of their sixth album, Wonders of the Younger. Frontman Tom Higgenson describes it as a record full of wonder and adventure, inspired when he saw the Cirque du Soleil show "O" in Las Vegas. A fascination with clowns, bearded ladies, pirates, and other characters, combined with a dash of nostalgia, served as the main ingredients for this album. Tim Lopez is the lead singer for the first time, aside from backyard barbecues; he is the voice behind the disc's sunny first single, "Rhythm of Love." Wonders of the Younger's exploration of nostalgia and creativity is nearly a 180-degree turn from their stripped-down (and more famous) effort Big Bad World. There are still love songs that will make girls swoon on the new album, but it is ultimately an exploration of a new sound for the band. Higgenson hints that fans are in for a surprise, possibly a performance that's more theatrical than those on past tours. The song you remember? The blockbuster single "Hey There Delilah" — they'll probably play that one too. Don't worry your pretty little head.