Atomic Tom

Brooklyn band Atomic Tom thought incorrectly when their latest video would be just another blog post, according to Billboard.

Atomic Tom performed their song "Take Me Out" on their iPhones three times while riding a New York City subway. The concert was intended to be a publicity stunt, and considering most standard subway performers don't make it onto CNN, these guys have really got a viral video on their hands.

By using the Shred, Drum Meister, Pocket Guitar, and Microphone iPhone applications in place of real instruments, the band drew a crowd. The footage of the performance was filmed on iPhones as well.

And you thought The Train Tracks light rail gigs were cool! The concept of performing a whole song as a band with only iPhones as instruments is a bit of a phenomenon. Could this lead to Brooklyn hipsters forming iPhone bands that play club shows and become a traveling iPhone band/circus of sorts? Well, if it's hip, probably.

Sun., Feb. 13, 7 p.m., 2011