Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, February 17, 2011


Fat cats only, please: Your story on the grabs to get medical-marijuana-clinic franchises was enlightening ("Pot of Gold," Ray Stern, February 3). Proves that the rich just keep getting richer.

The amount of money it will take to start one of these businesses is mind-blowing. And the amount it will take just to get through the license-application procedure — without any assurance of getting approved — almost is unbelievable.

"Almost" only because the government, as usual, is in bed with big business under the guise of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Project. The guys who run this have "fat cat" written all over them.
L.C. Bart, Tucson

Cultivation over clinics is where it's at: I say to hell with the idea of running a clinic. Get into pot cultivation, where there is no requirement that the business be nonprofit. Even becoming a baker of pot edibles would be a more realistic goal.
Susan Ochoa, Tempe

With a license, you're golden: Granted, it will be hard to get through the rigmarole and get a license, but once you do, you're golden. People will be busting down your door to get pot for all their, um, aches and pains.

Nonprofit doesn't mean you can't pay yourself a gigantic salary to run the clinic. That's how clinic owners, and even their top employees, are making bank in California.
Larry Gleason, Oakland

Forget fairness. This is AZ: You'd have to be rolling in dough, or part of an already-established business, to afford to gamble on being one of the 124 clinics in the state. Forget fairness. This is Arizona!
Wil Whaley, city unavailable

The ol' pot-doesn't-kill argument: Why all the bullshit about regulating the shit out of pot when it is far less dangerous than tobacco and alcohol? Name one person it has killed outside of a few people driving stoned and getting into accidents?

This whole faux-moral notion of strict enforcement sickens me. Let the medical-marijuana industry roll! It might cut into the business of dangerous drug lords here and in Mexico.
Steve Tate, city unavailable

All but impossible for the little guy: Funny how the medical-marijuana proponents you quote in your story want regulation to keep out the riffraff.

They want regulations in place that make it all but impossible for anybody except a high-roller to get involved in medical marijuana in Arizona.

And so far, with all the (gag!) "help" they've been given from the state Department of Health Services, they seem to be getting their way.
Name withheld

Business-government collusion at play: This is why the United States is now a fascist country. The collusion between big business and government is everywhere, even in the creation of a law that's supposed to regulate [an industry].

In a truly capitalistic state, there would be very little regulation, and any amateur could play.
Name withheld


Pearce is worst since Mecham: Never has any Arizona politician since Ev Mecham deserved to be impeached more than Russell Pearce ("Target Pearce," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, February 3).

It's hard to believe that this demagogue is now our state Senate president. I pray that one of these impeachment drives is successful.
Robert Banks, Tempe

Here's how to sign petition: For those interested in signing Russell Pearce impeachment petitions, please go to the Web site or see!

Your signatures are needed if we are to get rid of this menace to our state.
Rick Dennis, city unavailable