Bull Market

A skinny boy in tight pants says, “Rodeos are so gay,” as he grabs a turquoise boot from the store display and flounces towards his friends. We say loudly, "Yes, the 2011 Road Runner Regional Rodeo is incredibly homosexual." They turn. We explain this LGBT event is sanctioned by the International Gay Rodeo Association and features plenty of rough and tumble gay rodeo events like bareback bronc busting, bull riding, pole bending, and roping events. The boy slowly lowers the creased footwear while we continue to name off some of the other events, including the Country Idol Finals, line dancing, and barbecue. It really gets his attention when we mention the Wild Drag Race – describing the antics of dudes in dresses chasing a steer – and how we're hoping for a goat wearing panties.
Feb. 18-20, 2011