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Streetlight Manifesto @ Nile Theater

New Jersey band Streetlight Manifesto is the whole package — all the raucous fun we've come to expect from Jersey without the orange tans and irritating accents. Yes, the seven-piece band plays ska punk, a genre that's irritating almost by default, but they do it so flawlessly that even people who don't particularly care for the genre have to pay their respects. Streetlight combines half of Catch 22 and half of One Cool Guy, making up a roster of the top ska talent in Jersey. For a band that intended to make only one album in 2003 and then quit, they've come a long way. Not that surprising, really. For whatever reason, a ton of kids in Jersey are really into ska and anarchy, so it's easy for just about any decent ska band to have a big following there. These guys, however, deserve it.