We Be Pubbin'

For the third consecutive year, Tempe has decided to make official that activity which every college kid will be doing anyway on Saturday, February 26, which is bar hopping. Only, to make it sound less Fat Tuesday’s and more Casey Moore’s, it’s called “pub crawling.” Instead of featuring crappy DJs, Jell-O shots, and one dollar you-call-its, the Tempe Pub Crawl will showcase craft beer samples, merchandise giveaways, and prize drawings to sweeten the growler, so to speak.

So for those shackled by the cumbersome curfews of adulthood, too old and slovenly to join the ranks of the bold, beautiful bar hoppers, here’s an opportunity to join those who prefer eloquence to decadence, acumen to specimen, and sipping to chugging. Set aside those Mardi Gras beads, pull that dollar bill from your teeth, and, for four short hours, pretend you’re better than that.

The stops – Dave’s Electric Brewpub, Gordon Biersch, Canteen Tequila Bar, and Robbie Fox’s Public House – are within crawling distance of one another in downtown Tempe.

Sat., Feb. 26, 2-6 p.m., 2011