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Quiet Riot @ Club Red

When Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow passed away in 2007, many felt that his death would mark the end of the band. Among them was Quiet Riot drummer and figurehead Frank Banali, who issued a statement on the band's official website declaring that, "Kevin was too important to go on without him. It would also be a disrespect to the fans who have supported Quiet Riot for nearly 25 years . . . I now begin life after Quiet Riot." Eh, not so much. Proving again that you can't keep metalheads off the nostalgia circuit for too long, Banali reconfigured Quiet Riot in 2010, with the express permission of DuBrow's family, and handed vocals over to Mark Huff, formerly of Van Halen tribute band 5150. The band is predominantly remembered for their Slade cover, "Cum on Feel the Noize," and for launching the career of Randy Rhodes, who went on to help establish Ozzy's post-Sabbath period before his premature death in 1982. The band never managed another Top 10 hit (they even tried another Slade cover, complete with more misspelled words), but their influence was clear on the pop-heavy L.A. hair-metal scene.