Quick PHX: Last Page

When you were a kid, what did you collect? I loved collecting sports cards. All the statistics on the back of the player cards entranced me, I would memorize and memorize them and just get lost in the numbers.

What do you collect now? I collect books — mostly artsy books or books filled with imagery that I find interesting. I also collect art prints and when I can, original art work.

If you could collect anything, what would it be? Art! But all sorts of impractical art, like ridiculously huge paintings and fantastically cumbersome sculptural work.

Who has a collection you covet — and what's in it? I've heard of drug lords who collect all sorts of exotic animals. It would be pretty cool to have a pet grizzly bear.

What's one thing you would never want to collect? How about anything that could potentially shorten my life span: This includes animals like deadly snakes, spiders, sharks, raccoons with rabies. Given this answer, I suppose I shouldn't collect pet grizzly bears either — sigh.
Sebastien Millon lives in Phoenix and is a world-renowned artist who draws drunky bears, insane rabbits, adorable, knife-wielding lemurs — and the occasional jackalope. You can buy his stuff locally at Red Hot Robot and MADE art boutique, or on his etsy shop: etsy.com/shop/bikeparts