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Starfucker @ The Trunk Space

Let's say you decide to start a solo project, eventually inviting some friends to play with you. It's hardly serious — the newly formed band is just a way to see some friends you might not otherwise get to see on a regular basis. Why not give the band a somewhat stupid name, something like Starfucker? Such is the fate for Joshua Hodges, the leader of the indie electronic quartet from Portland. Fresh off the release of their second album, Reptilians, Starfucker is now a serious business, regardless of the band's name and origins. The guys in the band did second-guess their curious appellation, going so far as to rename themselves PYRAMID and then Pyramiddd before deciding to stick with their guns and go with what made them famous. Starfucker even got their song "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second" featured in a Target commercial, making search results pretty interesting for anyone trying to find the song. The band has now become one of Portland's finest outfits, churning out consistently infectious electronic pop songs. It's a testament, then, to the talents of the band to have achieved the level of success they have in spite of their name.