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Girl Talk @ Marquee Theatre

In October 2007, Girl Talk performed as part of a liquor-company-sponsored event in Tempe Marketplace's parking lot. Though Night Ripper had been out for more than a year, much of the audience was confused about it what it was witnessing. Since then, a lot has changed for Girl Talk's Gregg Gillis. Though he's essentially still doing the hipster wedding DJ bit for the ADD set, Gillis seemingly single-handedly made the Internet slow to crawl in November when he released All Day, his latest cut-and-paste project, as a free download. It's a good time to be Gregg Gillis, but now that we know what to expect from him, where does the mash-up artist go from here? All Day wasn't received as well as his previous efforts, and there are a few moments on the new album that just seem more clunky than clever. Still, it's been a long time since the Girl Talk party express hit the Valley, so it's worth showing up just to hear the best few seconds of hundreds of songs you know and love.