Motor Absentee

All right, all you hard-core em-effers out there: We've got a great day for you. Be a total fitness bad ass by pushing yourself to near death on a mountain under our hot sun. What makes today so special? Unlike every other day on our city's hiking trails, this Silent Sunday on North Mountain will ensure that if you get into trouble, there won’t be motorists on hand to save your butt. That's because starting at the crack of dawn, the roads in North Mountain Park will be closed off to cars, motorcycles, and anything that has an exhaust pipe.

So bring lots of water and sunscreen and enjoy the silence at North Mountain's 2,104-foot summit. Survive and you get to brag about it to the lazy cubicle slugs at work on Monday.

Sun., April 3, 5 a.m.-11 p.m., 2011