Blue Period

Every couple suffers through periods of the “bedroom blues” sometimes. Maybe his compass doesn’t point north anymore – or maybe your threesome fantasies went south after she brought home a handsome doctor instead of the naughty nurse you were expecting.

Whatever the cause for your personal boudoir blahs, you’ll feel relieved after seeing the sexual disappointments depicted in Nearly Naked Theatre’s production of The Blue Room, based on Arthur Schnitzler’s Victorian-era play La Ronde.

The show chronicles a daisy chain of difficult trysts between ten couples, each portrayed by the same two actors. “Casting the play was very difficult,” says director Damon Dering. “Not only must the actors be able to play five different roles each, but they have to be believable in a wide range of ages and classes [and] comfortable with all the nudity.” To give you an idea of what to expect, Schnitzler’s original piece was considered so obscene in its time that the author was thrown in jail.

Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: March 5. Continues through March 26, 2011