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Jeff Dahl Band @ Hollywood Alley

It's been more than three years since local punk icon Jeff Dahl played his last gig in the Valley, packed up his belongings, and moved to the tropical climes of Hawaii. Dahl hasn't played a gig since — the small island town he lives in doesn't have a proper live music club — but he says he's been writing and recording the whole time. The other members of the Jeff Dahl Band have kept busy in his absence. Bassist Jason Smith played in The Earps and Vinyl .45 before moving to Kentucky last year. Guitarist Frank Labor continues to play straightforward punk rock with Labor Party, while drummer Russ Covner formed the hard rock outfit Bitter Allegiance. They're getting the proverbial band back together for a one-off show this weekend to celebrate Covner's 50th birthday. Covner and Labor's bands will provide support, along with Minnesota punks Mommy S3Z. There should be a good turnout from the old-school Phoenix punk rock community, so your best bet is to arrive early and plan for a late night.