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Amon Amarth @ Nile Theater

For Howard Stern Show fans, the mere mention of Amon Amarth inspires chuckles. It's virtually impossible not to think of Stern show writer Richard Christie declaring Amon Amarth his "faaay-vrit" in his trademark Kansas drawl. While Christie — an accomplished heavy metal drummer in his own right — is often mocked on the show for having an overabundance of "favorites" and not really understanding the exclusivity the term implies, his affection for Amon Amarth is hardly unwarranted. The Swedish band has built a sizable following — impressive, at least, considering that the band plays Viking-inspired melodic death metal. Over the course of nearly two decades, the band has released eight albums and toured extensively around the world. The band's latest release, Surtur Rising, debuted at number 34 on the Billboard album chart, higher than new albums from hip-hop veteran E-40 and indie darlings The Mountain Goats. The band has eschewed opening acts for their current headlining tour, billed as "an evening with Amon Amarth." The first set features the band playing the new album in its entirety, followed by a second set showcasing songs spanning the band's career.