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Janet Jackson

The nip-slip. There you go — that's the reference you were expecting when you saw Janet Jackson's name. Yes, it was one of the more iconic media moments in recent history, giving conservatives in America a rallying point for their crusade against the decay of our society. For Janet Jackson, it seems ridiculous that the theater of the absurd known as the Super Bowl halftime show could undo a long run of making innovative, interesting R&B and pop. But here we are. Jackson hasn't helped her legacy much since 2004, releasing two generally dull albums and one okay, but overly long, collection in Discipline. On her current tour, on which Jackson performs only her number one hits (some of the songs were number one dance hits — close enough), she takes a big step toward reclaiming her legacy, especially since 20 of those songs are genuine classics. Reviews of earlier shows on the tour have been stellar. Jackson might yet just wash away memories of her choice in nipple jewelry.