Get Lit

Few bookworms have been daring enough to actually read the whole of Ulysses, by choice anyway. The James Joyce classic is so well-regarded in literary circles that it earned the esteemed author his own holiday (the annual celebration of Bloomsday, named after protagonist Leopold Bloom). It’s also one of those tomes that people describe as “challenging” because it would be uncouth to say “boring.”

It’s generally advisable to ease into an intimidating epic like Ulysses with a few pints and plenty of friends during an event like the Irish Cultural Center’s Bloomin’ Beerfest on Saturday, June 11. Readings from Ulysses will mercifully be tempered by an abundance of alcohol including an array of specialty and craft beers available from the cash bar, and live music from Kilted Spirit.

Sat., June 11, 7 p.m., 2011