Bleeding Arts

Humans have never been a squeamish race. The ancient Romans literally threw outsiders to the lions, and public hangings were even a popular form of entertainment in medieval times. In modern times, we fill our blood-and-guts quota with cage fights, horror flicks, and crime shows like CSI and Bones.

Local fashion designer Tiffe Fermaint and artist Crystal Phelps play into our fascination with gore in their exhibit “Sepulture." The exhibit’s name means “burial,” which gives you an idea of what kind of macabre art to expect.

For the show, Fermaint crafted one-of-a-kind clothing from animal skins, with details resembling the human anatomy. Phelps’ unusual sculptural hangings incorporate blood and bone to address hard-hitting topics such as love and loss. “I'm interested in creating images and spaces that are simultaneously beautiful and repelling,” she says in her artist’s statement. To continue the creepy gothic ambiance, a local string quartet will play during the reception.

Fri., June 17, 6 p.m., 2011