Monsters, Inc.

Paisley Yankolovich is a Valley institution. Not every city boasts a profoundly Christian, indie-electro-industrial glam-pop performance artist whose growly twang infuses audiences with the joy and love of a Gospel-filled hypo to the sternum. A little cross-dressing and a ministry of unconditional acceptance complete the unique and ever-shifting Magic Eye image that is Pais.

His 2010 Phoenix Fringe Festival show, The Monsters I've Been, has evolved into an indefinite run of Monsters, which Yankolovich describes as "16 dark, a capella showtunes that delve deeply into twisted love, religious rapture . . . and severed limbs." (C'mon, dude, every song you sing becomes a de facto showtune.) A Monsters album is scheduled to drop in October 2010, so ya oughta catch it live while that scores you cool points -- on the scene and, who knows, maybe with the Big Guy -- at The Secret Place.

Thursdays-Sundays, 7 p.m., 2011