History Channeled

Remember how boring your high-school history classes were, what with the droning, uninterested teachers and endless memorizing of obscure facts?

Folks like former New Times contributor Douglas Towne are putting a more interesting visual twist on local history with “The Grid Show: The Obscured Past Revealed,” an annual art exhibit at the Trunk Space that exposes Phoenix’s funkiest forgotten tidbits. “So many fascinating historical events have occurred in Phoenix that are not well known. It’s like there’s been a conspiracy to make local history tedious,” says Towne, who serves as the show’s guest curator.

Catch the latest works from featured artists include puppeteer Tommy Cannon, stichin’ vixen Lisa Takata and Trunk Space co-founder Stephanie Carrico. On Friday, July 1, legendary local gadabout Marshall Shore will also break down all of the cool landmarks and surprisingly seedy shit that makes Phoenix seem less of a suburban wasteland and more like an actual city. If you’re still dreading the “history talk,” remember this ain’t high-school social studies -- so there will be no pop quiz at the end of the show.

June 17-Aug. 5, 2011