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Buffalo Killers @ The Compound Grill

It's tough to be bandmates with a sibling (see The Kinks, Oasis, and The Louvin Brothers), but luckily the Cincinnati-based Buffalo Killers have some practice. Brothers Zach and Andy Gabbard played together for years in the dearly departed boogie/garage outfit Thee Shams, learning the hard way to share tunes and a van. Additionally, members of bands-with-siblings stars The Black Crowes and The Breeders have been vocal supporters of the band (the Buffalos toured with the Crowes and backed Kelley Deal on her cover of Guided by Voices' "Scalding Creeks"). "This is our family business," says bassist/vocalist Zach Gabbard. Business sounds good. The band's new record, 3, follows Let It Ride, which was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. 3 is less Southern-fried than previous records, given over to more gentle psychedelic-folk wanderings and power-pop balladry. The band produced it in-house, and the Gabbard brothers and drummer Joey Sebaali crafted 3 with a desire to change things up, unlike previous records, which usually took "a couple weekends." Gabbard says, "It took a while to get over not being worried what anyone would think . . . [but] I'm so excited to get on the road and play the songs."