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Days of the New @ Martini Ranch

We're going to play nice. Days of the New singer Travis Meeks has had it rough over the years. A kidney stone in 1999 led to an addiction to painkillers, which led to cocaine and, finally, meth. He even appeared in 2005 on A&E's Intervention to document the whole thing. Thankfully, he sought the help offered, got clean, and reportedly is still sober. So, in honor of his sobriety, let's celebrate the cooler aspects of Days of the New. To start, let's reflect on how Meeks completely owned the post-grunge vocal style that so many other frontmen tried to master in the late '90s. It's the goddamn perfect combination of goat and frog, as he showed off on one of the band's biggest hits to date, "Touch, Peel and Stand." Plus, the list of former Days of the New band members is about three times longer than the number of albums in the group's 16-year discography. Clearly, he's a cool dude, because he just wants to make friends. And, um, can we talk about his dreamy blue-green eyes? No? Are you sure? Because we could easily muse about them for the next few hours. Then how about his perfectly scruffy facial hair? Oh, fine.