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Black Bottom Lighters @ Marquee Theatre

Just a few weeks ago, Beef Vegan of KWSS 106.7's The Morning Infidelity asked New Times music editor Jason Woodbury when the Black Bottom Lighters should expect a write-up in our humble alt-weekly. While the band was sitting in the studio. Not that we're feeling the pressure — the Glendale reggae-rock band's website proudly boasts "60 years combined experience" in jazz, reggae, funk, rock, and more. Sure, there are seven 20-somethings in the band, but it still counts, and the expertise shows. The band's lineup (singer, three guitarists, bassist, drummer, and DJ) makes for a crowded stage but shockingly uncluttered songs. Guitars pop in groovy synchronization as singer Ryan Stilwell's voice outlines their priorities in straightforward fashion. They want to dance. They want to fuck. They want to get out of Arizona. The Sublime comparisons are unavoidable, but with songs titled "Hard Way" and "Crystal Ball," we're fairly certain BBL are aware of the similarities. We're onto you, Black Bottom Lighters, and we're into it.