Picture Perfect

Your overused Hipstamatic app doesn’t have anything on Diana H. Bloomfield. Sure, that picture of your dog may look hella vintage with a blue tint and extra grain, but imagine the possibilities of altering that photo with your own hands.

Bloomfield has a passion for the printing process and has become a virtuoso in pinhole photography and printing using gum bichromate, platinum-palladium, and cyanotype processing. One of her most popular pieces titled “Central Park” is an eerie and dream-like image of a couple walking through Central Park in sepia tones.

Bloomfield’s techniques are unique because of “her knowledge of a wide variety of historical processes, artists, materials, and contemporary tools,” says Michelle Craven co-owner of Tilt Gallery. “It is the combination of these tools that give her images their unique color and texture.”

Fri., Sept. 2, 6-10 p.m., 2011